There is nothing worse than having your fears confirmed as your son’s teacher says, “Yes, I am seeing signs of Dyslexia.”  Your heart skips a beat, but then you decide you will deal with it the best you can.

That’s where we were about three weeks into Kindergarten.  My son was tested for ADHD, and again, the specialist said she saw more of a visual disconnect than ADHD.  One of my close friends mentioned to me that Betsy De Vega was having a specialist speak about Dyslexia at her school, the KnILE Center.  I have known Betsy for many years, but I didn’t realize that her school addressed children with reading disabilities.

My son was too young to test for Dyslexia, but everyone agreed that early intervention was the best course no matter what.  My son began tutoring at the KnILE Center twice a week.  By the end of the school year, he was completely on target with his reading level.   Considering he could only recognize six letters at the beginning of his Kindergarten year, this was truly remarkable.  In my mind, there is no doubt that he would not have made the progress he made if we had gone to a traditional tutor.  I believe that the strategies and techniques used at KnILE Center are responsible for the quick turn-around.

My son is now in the first grade.  He is reading well.  We still tutor once a week just to make sure we keep progressing.  I am so thankful to Betsy and her staff for their help in our time of need.

Forever grateful,


ECN Parent