Anxiety vs. Me

Ugh, where do I start?! I’ve had anxiety as far as I could remember! I am working with tons of psychiatrists, taking tons of medications as well! It’s just impossible to get rid of! But here’s something to all you anxious people: It may hurt you, but it can give you opportunities. I have had mine when I came to the KniLE School! I’ve had trouble with bullying and even harassment. But my opportunity arrived just in time. My parents had found the school that I now work in today. I was nervous, yes. But I was determined. I knew I could do this. Few kids in the school, bullying impossible. I knew I would be able to do this. On my first day, all the kids took time out of their day to greet me! I knew I was where I belonged. But for how long? I didn’t care. I found the solution. My anxiety is low, and I have few anger moments. This is not just a story, but a story about me. To all the people out there with anxiety, there is still an option out there. Find it. Grasp it. And use it. I promise you with all my heart that at least a LOT of your anxiety will disappear. I know not completely, but I am certain you won’t have as much as you did. Think over this when you read/hear this. A tiny little 12 year old, with severe anxiety. Trying to reach out to others like him. And he does this through a tiny little Thanksgiving talent show entry. He may not be able to be a perfect story teller, but he does his best to let everyone out there know they are not alone. This 12 year old is me, and I am proud of it.
-CS – Knile Prep Student

Official Signature
If you ever feel like your life is not the best, then you’re like me. Even everyday people will get a little stressed. But there’s always a solution. I found that through a school. You can find yours through whatever you want. I suggest that you take what I said from here and keep it in your brain. Not a lot of young children speak about their anxiety. 45% of people in the world do not talk about their anxiety. Don’t be part of that. Speak up! If you ever wonder why you can’t speak up, then it’s probably because that you don’t talk about your problems often. Nobody can help you if you don’t talk about what your problems are. You should speak up. Everyone should. I wrote this story because not just for a thanksgiving talent show entry, but to speak out to those who have the same problems as I do.  I am Christian, and I approve of this message.  I put this down from a sign at my school or something from my teacher.  “I want to teach my students how to live this life on earth. To face its struggles and its strives, And to improve their worth. Not just the lessons in a book about how the rivers flow, But how to choose the proper path, Wherever they may go.  To understand eternal truth and know the right from wrong, and gather all the beauty of a flower and a song. For if I help the world to grow in wisdom and in grace, Then I shall feel that I have won And I have filled my place. And so I ask you for your guidance, God That I may do my part, For character and confidence and happiness of heart.” –KniLE Center
I still live by that poem. I hope if you go to school and have problems like me, you will too. We will take a stand against anxiety! It is no longer me that is fighting. Now you and everyone else can too!
– A message from a young 12 year old that doesn’t even realize how crazy he is.  Thank you for reading and understanding that you don’t have to live your life in stress. You can fight it! Everyone will fight together. Everyone can stand together and fight their problems, all of them! Any problem you have, we will fight alongside you! We are going to fight these problems, and we are going to get rid of them! I doubt this will happen, though. I’m just a 12 year old with severe anxiety and in a private school. But I will stay determined, and I will take a stand.

-CS – Knile Prep Student
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