Howard and Pat

“Dear Betsy and Emily,  we want to give you our thanks and express our genuine joy! What great things you are doing for Kristen.  We prayed about this decision.  We questioned ourselves and you.  We hoped for a lot.  She is getting more than we hoped for.

We are grateful for the affirming atmosphere you provide for her.  Kristen’s response proves to us that you genuinely care about each child.

Kristen is blossoming right before our eyes.  She loves your school(her school).  She wants to achieve.  She is acting more responsibly.

You are helping Kristen to realize how valuable and worthwhile she is.

Pat and I are happy that you are leading her toward her full potential.

We appreciate your firmness and consistency in requiring a high standard of personal conduct and we admire your skill in resolving the inevitable little conflicts.

We pray this will be a long term commitment by all.”

Howard and Pat
KnILE parents