2013 SMART Summer Camp

SMART Summer Camp is a 4 day learning adventure that will enhance your child’s learning skills.

During this camp, students will partake in exercises that help strengthen focus, memory and how quickly information is processed, in addition to critical thinking. Children will also use art to enhance skills like math and literature and they will also do some fun experiments on science day.

This is a program that will enhance different subjects like math, science and reading in addition to strengthening your ability to learn, and retain the information you learn, by playing cognitive skills games and incorporating art to work on these key subjects. Learning has NEVER be so much fun! This program is designed to be done in small groups, so if you prefer a more custom, one-on-one approach, then please talk to us about our EduCoachNow program.

4 Day Summer Camps (2013)

(Mon – Thurs) ~ 9 – 12 (noon)

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Summer Education Camp in Sugar Land TX

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