Accountability or Accreditation

By Kimberley Harris We've all been taught by our parents the difference between right and wrong. Moreover, we know what's appropriate and

Accountability or Accreditation2020-10-17T17:46:47-05:00

How To Get Your Kids To Do Their Homework

By Emily Graham, Mighty Moms guest blogger ~ Originally Published August 1st 2018. Homework isn’t fun, but it teaches children healthy study

How To Get Your Kids To Do Their Homework2020-11-24T17:00:31-06:00

An Extraordinary School for Extraordinary Kids

By Kimberley Harris After serving as a teacher for the past 14 years within the private school arena, the opportunity to embark

An Extraordinary School for Extraordinary Kids2018-06-19T18:40:52-05:00

What I Like About KnILE!

The Students Speak up at Career Day What do the students of the Knile Center like about their school? A recent career

What I Like About KnILE!2018-02-09T12:48:35-06:00

Smart College Prep Starts Early

High school seniors are about to embark on a very different experience once they enter into college. Here are some ways to

Smart College Prep Starts Early2017-09-18T15:54:50-05:00

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Gold Medal Teachers There aren't enough awards for teachers. Movie stars, singers and athletes have all kinds of awards. Fortunately, great teachers

What Makes a Great Teacher?2018-05-16T11:10:15-05:00