Contributing to Education

Thank you to the team at Greatwood Monthly and Marquita Griffin for this wonderful post on KnILE Center and its founder, Betsy

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Understanding Dyslexia: Tori’s Story

“Whether a child struggles to keep up or wants to progress ahead,” says Learning Specialist Betsy de Vega, founder of the Kn.I.L.E.

Understanding Dyslexia: Tori’s Story2018-03-13T18:13:22-05:00

The KnILE Center is Expanding

We are expanding! The KnILE Center is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Apex Cheer in Stafford, Texas. We will

The KnILE Center is Expanding2018-03-13T19:04:15-05:00

After school activity for the hyperactive child

ADHD refers to attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder. Most children who suffer from this disorder suffer from attention problems as well as hyperactivity. Parents of such

After school activity for the hyperactive child2019-08-20T14:13:27-05:00