Dog days of school!

I just read a pretty interesting article about how Canadian Dalhousie University setup a “Puppy Room” on their campus so that students can go and pet/play with a dog to help unwind and de-stress during finals.

As a dog lover myself…and a life-long owner of many dogs…I can assure you that they do bring me the greatest joy.  It is amazing that, even if I have only left for 15 minutes to run to the store and get milk, the dogs treat me like they haven’t seen me in years.  They’re soooo excited that I’m back and that I’m saying hi to them.  It’s a great feeling and to be wanted and loved in such a way.   Also, being someone who has home office for many, many years, I have been able to take  a break to throw a ball for my dogs or go for a quick walk with them.  This activity, I can assure you, is a great way to de-stress and clear my head.

With that being said, I can see the value in what Canadian Dalhousie University is doing with their “Puppy Room” and applaud any institution that can come up with such a silly idea that works so darn well!  Great job Canadian Dalhousie University.  I hope this experiment goes well for you guys and hope to see puppy rooms in more universities throughout the world in the near future!

Take a look at the article when you get a moment –