EduCoach Now – Changing Lives One Student at a Time

Our EduCoach Now program is changing lives one student at a time.

Just look at what one of our coaching student’s parents had to say about our amazing Educational Coach, Lauryn.

“Logan has struggled with reading since Kindergarten. As parents, we hate to see our kids struggle and feel frustrated. We tried everything we could think of to help our baby girl, but nothing seemed to work. Logan has been with EduCoach Now for about 2 months and she has made such an improvement in her reading. When we would ask Logan to get a book, she would drag her feet and would only want to read one chapter. Now she asks, ‘Can I read another chapter?’ Thanks so much to her tutor Lauryn, Knile Center and Jenny! More success and greatness to come!!” – Tamara, Logan’s Mom

If your child is struggling and has lost the joy of learning, EduCoach Now can help them regain that joy and enjoy learning again. We use techniques proven to sharpen cognitive skills which in turn will help them with those tough subjects that can hinder them from reaching their goals.

If you would like more information as to what we offer, please give us a call. We would love to help your child be successful!