Executive Function explained

I have just recently returned from attending two separate conferences; one conference focusing on Dyslexia and the other on learning disabilities.  There were many breakout sessions in both conferences that allowed us drill down on very specific areas that needed further explanation and/or study….all of the sessions were full of great information that I have been able to bring back to the center and apply into our processes.

One of the main topics discussed was on Executive Function.  This seems to be the most sought after topics amongst all of the educators and medical, psychological professionals that presented at these conferences.  Several professionals, of many capacities, including neurologists, psychologists, educational experts and the like really stressed the importance of Executive Function to learning.   In doing some follow-up research on Executive Function I have found a quick video that I want to share with you all.  This video does a fantastic job of explaining Executive Function and how it affects us and our children’s learning and life.  I have also attached another website that does a good job of describing it as well.  I can tell you this; the more I learn about Executive Function the more I see how critical it is to learning and how children with problems with Executive Function can struggle in school and life.

Check out this great video from The Center of Child Development at Harvard University, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=efCq_vHUMqs .