• Junior High Lead Teacher

    Becky McGoldrick

    “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of  the mind to think.” Albert Einstein
    “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.”  Alfred Mercier

    My name is Becky McGoldrick and I am the Junior High Lead Teacher at KnILE Prep Academy. Also, I am a proud Aggie, wife, and mother of three.  I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1988 and obtained my teaching certification in 2015.  I began my education career as a 9th and 10th grade English teacher at a large, public high school where I taught for three years.  I was thrilled to come to KnILE in 2018 as the middle school assistant (grades 4-6). In 2019, I was promoted to the middle school lead teacher.  I became the junior high lead teacher (grades 6-8) in 2021. I love everything about KnILE, especially our philosophy of educating the whole child. My favorite part about teaching junior high is preparing my students for high school, both socially and academically. When I am not teaching, I enjoy reading, spending time with family, and watching the Houston Astros!

    Junior high is a tough transition for many students, especially those with learning challenges. I believe school should be a positive, safe place where your student can not only learn, but thrive. I also believe in the triangular support system of educator, parent, and child. Each side is necessary. I look forward to all of us working together towards success!