Ximena Pruneda
  • High School Lead Teacher

    Ximena Pruneda

    Ximena earned a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a Culinary Arts degree from The Art Institute of Houston.
    After graduation Ximena continued to worked in the Industry for 10 years opening up her own concept and managing others.

    During the course of her career in hotel and restaurant management she discovered how much she enjoyed the training and management part of this field; as many people have done she shifted into a different path.
    She spent a lot of time studying trying to find the right path and, during this time, she became more involved in the school district because of her children
    and their learning concerns.

    This effort motivated her to go back to school to get her alternative certification in teaching, which is what brought her to KnILE
    and she says that “it has been the best time of my life, I really enjoy working with the high-schoolers and preparing them for their next step in life.”
    She also enjoys the outdoors, the beach, the movies, shopping, dancing, music and art.