Why the First Six Weeks of School are so Important in Personal and Academic Success

A lot is happening during the first six weeks of school. Not only are children are encountering new concepts, new ideas and new teaching styles, but they are also reviewing past concepts to ensure they have retained information previously taught. In addition, they are making personal adjustments in their new grades. From the standpoint of educators and parents, the first six weeks of school is a time to monitor how well students are transitioning, with the goal of weeding out any problems or challenges before they become hindrances to learning.

Report cards will be out soon, but you shouldn’t wait for that benchmark to assess how well your child is performing. Teachers can supply a wealth of information on their students’ progress during these initial school weeks, both by talking with parents and through the notes they make on school work that is brought home.

The first six weeks of school is the time for kids to begin developing good habits that will serve them for the rest of the year. If your child is struggling in a particular subject, now is the time to address it. Likewise if there are challenges in some area of social adjustment, it will be much easier to implement a solution earlier than later.

For academic concerns, we can help with our EduCoachNow one-on-one enrichment program. Focusing on both cognitive and academic skills, this customized program is designed to supply students with the tools they need to succeed. This is not a “typical” tutoring program but rather a comprehensive, proven approach to increasing academic performance geared toward the needs of each individual child.

The EduCoachNow program centers on:

  • Effective reading and comprehension skills
  • Increased cognitive skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Strategic study and testing skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Goal setting techniques

We encourage parents to be proactive in solving academic and social challenges as they arise. The first six weeks of school is a good time to do this, because it’s during this period that habits are developed and attitudes toward specific academic subjects – and school in general – are formed.

If you want to know more about EduCoachNow or other ways to help your child’s success at school, call the KnILE Center at (281) 761-6610.