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Impact Membership Program

  • ECN has developed 4 unique membership programs that will allow you to choose which afterschool program will benefit your student the most
  • Each program is designed to provide a balanced approach to each student need in tutoring, cognitive skills training, organizational skills, life skills and, in the Da Vinci and Einstein Programs, advocacy sessions at your child’s school.
  • How the program will IMPACT your student
  • 4 unique programs offering different levels of support
  • Baseline assessment
  • Access to the Impact Lounge – open Mon – Thur for 2 hours a day where each student will have access to a homework therapist for quick 5-10min help sessions.
  • Small group ratios (1:10 in the Impact Lounge, 1:5 in the Mindfulness Sessions)
  • Up to 8 hours of customized private educational coaching – ECN
  • Up to 4 hours of Mindfulness Group Sessions – Therapist developed group events to help your student improve today’s life skills
  • Up to 1 advocacy session per month at your students’ school with their teacher and/or counselor
  • Live, face to face Learning Specialist
  • Safe, warm inviting atmosphere
  • Supervised Environment at all times
Impact Membership Program
GalileoNewtonDa VinciEinstein
Membership Offering3 month min3 month min3 month min3 month min
# of private ECN Sessions per month (1 hour each) – note 22468
Baseline Assessment1111
Group Mindfulness sessions per month (1 hour each – 1 tutor per 5 students )1224
Access to Impact Lounge w/ home work help (1 tutor per 5 students ) – note 3YYYY
Advocacy sessions per month (with schools, shopping, etc) – note 40011
1 – Additional ECN tutoring hours can be scheduled as need for $55/hr
2 – Customized tutoring program based on results of assesment
3 – Homework therapists can assist with homework assignments. See note 1 if a more customized service is needed.
4 – ECN staff to work closely with parents, teachers and counselors to ensure best experience for the student.