In our feels

Hey there, Welcome back!

I’ve been in my feels lately because of the holiday season coming up. Things will be very different than years past, and adapting has basically become a new hobby of mine.

If you’re new, My name is Victoria Guzman, MSCP, and I am a licensed professional counseling associate. If you’ve ever been to my office, we are often discussing our feelings. What they look like, what they mean, what we should do about them. In my office we at times dive into problem solving, but more often than not, I’ve experienced students needing me to just sit with them and help them respond to those feelings.

There’s a reason I always ask how you’ve been feeling today. I not only want to know what emotions have been stirring and what they mean, but I want to normalize talking about emotions and feelings. Emotions/feelings are all little messengers, telling us what is going on in our world and how we respond to events in our life. I strive to help students learn that by suppressing emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones, we do more harm than good to our mental health. I’d love for kids to know that it’s not about NOT feeling sad, angry, frustrated or even anxious; it’s about learning how to RESPOND to those emotions. How to work through the uncomfortable ones so that they do not build up over time.

Emotions aren’t bad, they can actually be incredibly informative! By learning what emotions one is feeling and then developing coping strategies, we can work through those moments rather than escape them. Check out this sweet little chart below, see if you can help the people in your family normalize talking about their feelings this week!