KnILE Ambassador PeerPal Program2020-03-27T10:35:22-05:00

Thank you for considering the KnILE Ambassador PeerPal Program

As you know or maybe remember, nothing can be more helpful than the advice of a fellow parent that might have had the same concerns about their student but was able to find a solution.  We all want the very best for our kids but sometimes need a bit of a helping hand to find the proper resource.  This program is developed to help concerned parents reach out to our existing and former parents of KnILE to discuss and learn about their experience at KnILE and the experience(s) that their student had at KnILE.

While we do know that KnILE may not be the perfect fit for all students, we do want to extend a helping hand to those students who might be able to thrive in this environment.  For those who might struggle here, we may still have another solution for them as well.

To see a quick link on how to get onboard as an Ambassador and to answer any questions for those concerned parents, see this video below – and thank you for considering helping out other parents.

If everything looks good and you’re ready to help these parents out, follow this link to sign up now!  Thank you!!