KnILE Center Expands to New Location in Historic Richmond, TX

Pictured Above:  Main School House on KnILE Center’s new campus at 902 Richmond Parkway in the heart of historic Richmond.

New three-acre campus will feature flexible indoor facilities and outdoor learning opportunities

Founder and Head of School Betsy de Vega of the KnILE Center – a boutique private school and tutoring and youth wellness center serving students in grades one through 12 – recently announced that the school is relocating its campus to a property in the heart of historic Richmond.

Situated near the old campus, the new campus will be located at 902 Richmond Parkway on an historic property that once belonged to Jane Long, named the “Mother of Texas” by Sam Houston to honor her heroic support of troops during the Texas Revolution.

“We are really excited about the opportunities this move opens up for us,” said de Vega. “The historic significance of this property is auspicious, and the amazing outdoor spaces are inspiring. We knew it was the right location the moment we saw it.”

The colonial-era home on the property will house the main school rooms with offices on the second floor. High school students will have their own space on the property. Three acres of outdoor space provide plenty of room for gardens, nature walks and outdoor classes, as well as opportunities for future camps and an amphitheater.

“Anxiety is currently the leading mental health issue in the country. It has only been accelerated by Covid and our students are experiencing that, too,” added de Vega. “Our mission is to build thriving, productive young human beings. By cultivating resilient minds, bodies and hearts, we equip our students for success in both academics and life. This new location will serve as a sanctuary where students feel safe and at home. This environment will be the ideal setting for students to discover and grow into their best selves.”

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About KnILE Center

KnILE Center’s mission is to develop confident students by providing them with the best tools and strategies to help them reach their fullest potential to succeed in school and life. Focus is on total development of the child – heart, body and mind – through example, practice, empowerment and development of different learning styles. We offer a new way of learning with no limitations.
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