KnILE Center is Relocating

moving-boxes12KnILE Center is relocating to a larger facility. The new facility will include more classroom space, a full size gymnasium as well as state of the art technology, individualized curriculum and low student-to-instructor ratios. KnILE Center was just named 2014 Fort Bend County’s Best Tutoring AND Best Private School, according to Living Magazine. The move from 245 Gonyo Lane, Richmond, TX 77469 to 5419 FM 762 Richmond, TX 77469 will take place August 1st. This expansion is a partnership with Kids Resort, an after school program for school age children. This is a great way for the surrounding area to learn more about the services that KnILE Center offers and to give parents alternatives for their students who do not fall under the category of “traditional learner”.
KnILE Center was started in 2008 by Charles and Betsy de Vega to help students find their potential and become successful in school and life. Their goal was to have children in an environment that fosters a love of learning and unlimited growth. KnILE accomplishes this through a ‘boutique-style’ educational approach that is very personal and customized for each student’s needs. All children simply do not learn the same way or at the same rate so the “one size fits all” approach to education is not how we do it at the KnILE Center. This has been in response to parents wanting and needing more for their children. Now, traditional school settings are no longer the only option for students.
KnILE caters to children with alternative learning styles from accelerated learners to students with ADD/ADHD as well as children with other learning concerns like Dyslexia. These students may not ever reach their full potential in a routine based, lecture set-up classroom setting, but can achieve it in an environment like what is offered at KnILE.
KnILE Prep Academy (3rd – 12th grades) is a private ‘boutique-style’, virtual college preparatory school that utilizes a proven innovative system that prepares children for their educational careers. We are here to make a difference – to equip the next generation of leaders to be independent and self-reliant critical thinkers.
KnILE ECN (EduCoachNow) is an after school, educational enrichment program. Our tutoring program is different from traditional tutoring methods in that we combine cognitive training skills exercises with enhanced organizational, study, and test taking strategies. The net result is a student who can attack and process any subject much more effectively than if he or she had attended a traditional tutor. As a parent, you deserve quality time with your children, and often, homework time is a stressful time. KnILE ECN has received the best tutoring in fort bend award for two years in a row.
For more information on how KnILE Center can be of assistance to your family please contact us at or 281-761-6610.