What Makes a Great Teacher?

Gold Medal Teachers

There aren’t enough awards for teachers. Movie stars, singers and athletes have all kinds of awards. Fortunately, great teachers aren’t in it for the recognition but rather for the satisfaction of watching students succeed. And because of that, we consider all our teachers at KnILE Center to be Gold Medal Teachers. What is a Gold Medal Teacher?

Top 10 Characteristics of Gold Medal Teachers

10. Gold Medal Teachers don’t just teach – they communicate.

Teaching is a conversation, a two-way street. The best teachers know that delivering a lesson is only half of the process. The other half is hearing (and seeing) the feedback.

9. Gold Medal Teachers know that relationships are the start of all progress.

The power of relationships can’t be over-stressed. Top teachers are able to build quality relationships with their students, which leads to openness, trust and performance.

8. Gold Medal Teachers know that the students who are most likely to succeed are those who believe they can succeed.

Belief is powerful. When a devoted teacher helps a child believe that something is possible, it becomes virtually impossible for the child to fail.

7. Gold Medal Teachers are prepared – even when students aren’t.

Students are best led by consistency. Great teachers show up ready and focused, regardless how their students show up.

6. Gold Medal Teachers understand that at the end of the day, it’s not about the teaching. It’s about the learning.

The goal of a school is learning, not teaching. For dedicated teachers, what matters is the end result, the outcome of the lesson and the students’ ability to apply it.

5. Gold Medal Teachers spend more of their off-time than most people realize thinking about their students and classes and how to get the most out of both.

Teachers work year-round. The greatest among them are always thinking of the next class, the next lesson, the next challenge and the next victory.

4. Gold Medal Teachers know that a student’s “bad attitude” is a symptom of something going on in his or her world.

Bad attitudes don’t start in the classroom. Insightful teachers realize and accept the fact that many things in a student’s life can result in less-than-perfect behavior.

3. Gold Medal Teachers became great by choice, not by accident.

Nobody lucks into success or greatness. The best teachers have worked hard to develop their classroom and interpersonal skills in ways that make their students shine.

2. Gold Medal Teachers realize that while lesson plans are relatively static, young people are not.

Everyone has a “learning style,” including children. No two learn exactly alike, and great teachers are keenly aware of the differing needs in their classes.

1. Gold Medal Teachers teach with passion.

A passionate leader is a leader others look up to. The best teachers love what they do and are driven by a passion to see each student realize his or her greatest potential.