Our Executive Director and Knile Center Founder, Betsy Fleites deVega welcomed friends, family and neighbors to the #payitforward event benefitting Texana Center by way of Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co. and Ben & Jerry’s -located in Sugar Land Town Square . Writing Texana on your ticket guaranteed 25% of the proceeds from Jupiter and 15% of Ben and Jerry’s to go back to Texana Center.

Texana Center is focused on creating and delivering life changing services to people needing behavioral, intellectual and developmental care, support and education. Our goal is to unlock their potential for safe, independent and productive lives within local communities.  We provide programs and support services that are:

  • individual/family driven
  • stable yet flexible
  • satisfying to the client/patient and family
  • able to meet individual needs

As an advisory board member at Texana Center, Betsy is passionate about getting services for those who need it. The event was to raise money and awareness for the center. Currently, the centers service 800,000 citizens with a comprehensive array of services and support. The early childhood program is centered on intervention and getting young children with disabilities the help and services they need as well as support for parents. Texana also offers employment support and job seeking assistance for adults with disabilities as well. Please visit the website to find out other services offered at

Many of us live in a world with few challenges and difficulties and we simply do not notice others around us that are different. We go on with our lives unaware of the struggles parents face when their child is diagnosed with a disability. Even more concerning than the diagnosis is where do these parents turn for help and hope? The hope of the Texana Center advisory board and employees at Texana is to be able to help everyone that comes through the doors of the center. That simply will not happen without awareness and support. (insert quote from Betsy)

Texana Center is a 501(c)3 public, not for profit, organization that provides behavioral healthcare and developmental disabilities services to residents of a six county area that includes Austin, Colorado, Fort Bend, Matagorda, Waller and Wharton Counties.

The center began operations on September 1, 1999, following a merger of two other healthcare organizations. Texana Center has its headquarters in Rosenberg in Fort Bend County, which is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. The center has an annual operating budget of $35,300,000 and a staff of 560.

Please consider donating to Texana Center.