Reasons to consider a private school

We understand at Knile that not every child learns the same, reacts the same, expresses themselves the same. We know that every single student deserves the opportunity to receive as much support in their education, ESPECIALLY this year. After all, we are all individuals and unique, so why would we approach education any differently? If you feel that your child is not thriving in a public school setting due to class sizes, fast paced environments, remote learning, learning disabilities, etc.; looking at a private school might be an option!

Here is a list of 5 reasons to look into a private school for the 2021-2022 school year!

  1. Small Class sizes – Students tend to learn better is smaller settings with the added benefits of more individual attention, increased communication between teacher and student, increased participation by students, and an opportunity to identify specific learning needs. Studies show that smaller class sizes are more beneficial in elementary school settings, when children are learning foundational, social, and cognitive skills. With increased attention to each student, teachers can spend more time instructing students that managing disruptive behavior. Studies show that students tend to display less disruptive behavior in less crowded settings because they have a better relationship with their teacher. Teachers also like smaller classes! You are likely to have less turnover with teachers and a more consistent fountain of instruction in smaller class sizes. Schools are able to hire quality instructors who can focus on the student as a whole. In addition, for students who struggle with learning and need additional assistance, smaller class sizes provide an opportunity to provide that needed help.
  2. Parent Involvement – Private schools can be designed to have open communication between teachers, parents and administrators. With an open communication forum, parents are able to be more involved in their child’s learning process, gain insight into strategies that help their child, and receive support from the school. Families are an incredibly important part of a child’s education, and private schools offer the opportunity for increased family engagement. Be it field trips, school functions, fundraisers, parent nights, etc. private schools enjoy working alongside families in order to  help meet the needs of each student.
  3. Balanced programs – Any ideal school has a balanced program, whether it be a balance in academics, sports, extracurricular activities, social emotional learning, therapeutic services, or  support groups. The beauty of a private school is the ability for parents to choose precisely which balance their child needs. In addition, private schools encourage all students to participate in activities, and encourage teachers and parents to be leaders, models, coaches for their students. This sense of community in a school helps encourage a student’s sense of belonging.
  4. Connections to community resources – Private schools have the ability to dedicate time to each student to help provide resources or access to resources. Whether a child is in need of speech therapy, tutoring, after school care, mentorship, sports programs, etc. private schools have the option of providing these extra resources to students. Access to help from an organization such as a private school can help families feel taken care of, heard, and feel as if they are an integral part of the school family.
  5. School Safety – In private schools, because of the smaller population, smaller class sizes and increased attention to students. There is less tolerance for disruptive, aggressive or dangerous behavior. Private schools tend to have higher expectations when it comes to student conduct, and allows for increased control of the environment by staff and administration. A safe environment helps students feel at ease and interested in learning, rather than their safety, bullying, feeling like targets, etc. In addition, private schools have more control of school grounds and are more readily available to respond to any safety concerns.