Friends of KnILE

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Kid's Resort

Kid’s Resort

Kid’s Resort provides after school programs and child care to school-aged kids in Richmond, TX. Their 7,000 sq. ft. facility is designed to feel less like a daycare, and more like a fun place to hang out with friends. They offer a variety of programs that encourage kids to learn, but more importantly have fun and develop their interests.

HELP Seminar Series - KnILE Center

HELP Seminar Series

Lindsay Asawa, Clinical Psychologist & Betsy de Vega, Educator, have joined forces to bring you a psychological and educational perspective on topics affecting our children today. These series are designed to help you work with your children and provide them the tools necessary to succeed in school and life.

Dr. Lindsay Asawa

Dr. Lindsay Asawa

Dr. Asawa specializes in working with children and families to evaluate and address many of the common problems that arise in the home and school settings. She has extensive experience evaluating and treating children and adolescents in private practice, university clinics, and hospital settings. Dr. Asawa has also developed and facilitated workshops and treatment groups for both parents and children.