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KPA Home School Program

If you are looking for a good curriculum to use with your chil​d at home, KnILE Prep Academy can set your child up with the same curriculum we use with our private school, but in the comfort of your own home.

We offer two programs options depending on how you want to design your child’s educational path.  One option is our home school with support program (HSS).  In this program, you will get support from a KnILE mentor who will guide you and your child through their educational paths.  The mentor will enroll your child in his or her courses and is available to answer questions and for support.  The second option is our home school curriculum program (HS) where you purchase the curriculum alone. In this program, you are your child’s teacher and are fully in charge of your child’s educational needs on your own.

No matter which program you choose to purchase, a KnILE faculty member is always available to answer questions or assist you, so you are not left to your own devices.  Students enrolled in our home school program are part of our KnILE school family and are able to participate in any KnILE field trips, activities or events through out the year.