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KnILE Prep Academy (KPA)

KnILE Prep Academy Is a 1st – 12th grade self-paced private school focused on helping students develop a firm foundation in learning strategies and techniques.  These strategies prepare students for a successful transition into high school, college, and ultimately in business and life.  We use a “whole child” learning approach where we go beyond academics and help our students become happy, healthy, and productive young adults.

At KnILE, we offer a low stress environment which makes the lives of our students and our parents much more enjoyable.  We achieve this by offering the following:

  • Low teacher-student ratios
  • No STAAR testing
  • Zero tolerance for bullying
  • Relaxed & comfortable classroom environment
  • Low-to-no homework or busy work
  • Curriculum that allows students to learn at their own pace

KPA Elementary (1st – 4th grade)

KPA Elementary is a true hands-on experience where we pay particular attention on establishing a strong learning foundation. We build a framework that fosters a positive learning environment so that our students gain the skills and confidence they will need for future education.

Little to no technology is used in the classrooms.  We focus on cognitive skills (foundational skills for learning) training and strengthening.

KPA Middle School (5th – 7th grade bridge)

KPA Middle School implements a multi-sensory approach to learning that is self-paced and customized to meet each child’s educational needs. Students will learn concrete skills to help them feel confident in learning.

This class offers but is not limited to the following;

  • Low teacher-student ratios
  • Face-to-face instruction
  • Sensory sensitive environment

KPA Junior High School (6th – 8th grades)

KPA Junior High is also a multi-sensory environment geared more specifically towards preparing students for high school and higher education.

This class offers but is not limited to the following;

  • Low teacher-student ratios
  • Face-to-face instruction
  • Sensory sensitive environment

KPA High School (9th – 12th grades)

KPA High School continues the same multi-sensory customized program but is designed to challenge and prepare students for the next chapter in their lives, albeit university, trade school, career, etc.

This robust program is dedicated to introducing students to the tools necessary to become productive members of society.  This is done in and out of the classroom through internships, community service, workshops and additional courses.

We believe that education is NOT one size fits all. 

We are driven to make sure that each student can maximize their potential.


Why we do this – lessons learned from a parent and an educator;

I learned from being an owner of an education franchise in 2005 that there really is a box – the rules, the red tape, the homework and how parents are expected to become experts in education on top of their jobs and more. Watching this was the driving factor behind me creating KnILE Center in 2008 to begin building an educational resource center; something more than just a private school and after school tutoring program.

KnILE Center is designed as a place where anxious parents can express their concerns, questions or confusion about why their student is not learning or perhaps that the student is feeling some level of anxiety them self.  Our promise to our parents is that we will do our absolute best to introduce them to the best available resource for their student, which may or may not be offered within KnILE Center. The focus always has been and always will be on the students’ needs first.

After 30 years’ in education, my biggest pride has been watching student after student fill with confidence and accomplishment when we are able to find their unique learning style and talent – every student can thrive in the right learning environment.   It also comes in watching these once concerned and anxious family able to have their confident and happy child back.

We see this kind of success because we test, we target, and we tailor an educational solution so they can focus on their lives.

KnILE is about YOUR child’s learning style, success, talents and KnILE is all about finding the best in every student.   We teach and guide them beyond academics and help them become the best individual that they can be.

Betsy de Vega