Smart College Prep Starts Early

High school seniors are about to embark on a very different experience once they enter into college. Here are some ways to help your son or daughter make an efficient and powerful transition with smart college prep.

  1. Get ACT and SAT baselines. Take these tests with no preparation before your junior year. At KnILE, we actually have our freshman take one SAT and one ACT cold (one can be taken in the fall and the other in the spring). This allows the student the opportunity to experience the process (i.e., timing, the flow, what to expect, etc.).  This way students know what to expect and can focus on the exam itself instead of worrying about the process.  This will give you and your child a baseline to work with and improve upon.  It also will help your child decide which test he or she prefers to take as part of the college enrollment process.  Two great smart college prep resources programs are and
  2. PSAT. This test determines National Merit Scholarships for students taking it in 11th grade. However, this is a great precursor to the SAT / ACT test, so it can be taken earlier, and actually is suggested to be taken from 9th to 11th grades.
  3. Visit campuses. It’s never too early to start visiting the campuses of colleges your child may wish to attend. Make formal arrangements with the school and take along questions to ask both faculty and students.  Take notes of positives and negatives.
  4. Do research. For tests, check out and For enrollment guidelines, go to  Financial assistance info can be found at
  5. Know the requirements. Each college is different, so make sure your son’s or daughter’s smart college prep includes learning about specific requirements, enrollment deadlines and other details from the colleges he or she is considering.
  6. Determine a budget. Well before the first day of school, have a budget figured out that includes all “normal” and unexpected expenses.
  7. Avoid “senioritis.” If college is your child’s goal, senior year is no time to develop senioritis and take it easy. Rather it’s a time to meet all responsibilities in preparation for college and make the best grades possible.

Get more great tips for smart college prep and transitioning into college here.

If you have any questions about your child’s current college prep activities and progress at The KnILE Center, call us at (281) 761-6610.