Super Monday!

Another year, another Super Bowl and another great night of Super Bowl commercials.  Thankfully this year’s game was entertaining and close even though, in my humble opinion, the wrong team came out the victor….but there’s nothing we can do about that now!  As an added bonus the city of New Orleans was even kind enough to throw in a 34 min black-out to make things a bit more memorable.  In the end it was still a great night to hang out with friends and enjoy a great game.

Having played sports all my life I have always been a big believer in momentum during a game.  Momentum in sports is that intangible thing that will allow one team…sometimes the less talented team…to make the key plays and stump a faster and more talented opposing team.  It’s crucial for a team win and when it begins it can be very difficult or impossible to stop.  We saw this in last night’s game when the 49ers picked up the momentum after the black out and, in about a quarter and a half, almost won the game coming from what should have been an insurmountable lead by the Ravens.

Whether it’s in a game or in what we do every day, we should always strive to grab for and hold on to the momentum in our daily lives.  By its nature this momentum should help us achieve more out of the day and more in whatever it is that we’re doing….and once we have it, it’s very hard to lose it.  So go out there and reach for today’s momentum and get more out of every moment you can!