What I Like About KnILE!

The Students Speak up at Career Day

What do the students of the Knile Center like about their school? A recent career day activity helped us all learn a little something about this Fort Bend area school. On February 9, 2018, the Knile Center held a career day for its students, and Damien Nelson, with Nelson & Co (N&C) was one of the participating presenters. He was asked to discuss his company’s graphic design, web development and web marketing activities with the students. Based on the topic “What I Like About Knile,” students were invited to participate in a web blogging exercise by adding their comments about Knile to a blog post, which was then published on the site then automatically fed to the search engines and distributed to social media. Students were asked to later search Google for the phrase; What I like about Knile. By doing so, the students are able to see how what they wrote was optimized for a keyword phrase, became published and searchable for the world to read. Below are the student’s testimonials for the topic.

What Students Like about KnILE


“I have learned so much at Knile and it’s much easier to learn than at a public school. That is what I like most about KnILE”


“I like that we are like a family here at Knile.”


“I like how, at Knile, we work on computers and how we can learn at our own pace.”


“I like that we can learn and and get the help we need.”


“What I like about Knile is that it helps you work harder and  everybody is so nice.”


“You can learn and have fun, make very good friends and learn a lot like Spanish and Science. That’s what I like about Knile.”


I like Knilebecause we all do something different, something that we each need.”


“What I like aboutKnile is that we can do different events and bond like a family.”


“The fact that there is a train yard across the road and that trains go by is pretty cool to me, lol. And, Miss Jane is a great teacher. I also like getting cookies and cream. Knile changed my life.”


“What I like about Knile Center is that you always get a second chance. We are all one big family. Every new school I go to is an adventure. I make so many new friends. Thank you Knile for giving me the best adventure ever.”