Which Parenting Style describes you?

Infants are helpless and need us. We encourage toddlers to venture out on their own, but not very far. Kindergarten is a time of discovery and wonder, and school age children begin to take on responsibility and as parents we love this time of maturity. And then… everything comes to a screeching halt as we round the corner to the teen years. So now, that same sweet, loving, cuddly child we once knew and adored has morphed into this foreign creature… called a teenager! This creature physically resembles the child that used to live in the house with us but this new creature (insert huge eye roll) is moody, erratic, sometimes irrational,selfish, has a rebellious side and yet, clearly still needs boundaries. As parents we begin to feel helpless like we did when we brought this beautiful newborn home and worried about giving a first bath. Just like infancy, there is no pass or fail in parenting and just like with the newborn… there is HELP!

Betsy deVega, Founder and Head of School at The KnILE Center is purposeful in providing effective, positive resources for her students and parents. One such resource is Joanne E. Carlson MSW, LCSW. Mrs. Carlson provides psychotherapy and consulting to adolescents and adults ages 12-70 in Houston and Sugar Land, TX. Her specialties include adolescents and families, divorce and stepfamily adjustment and adult mood disorders. Joanne graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Psychology in 1976 and received her MSW from The University of Houston in 1980. She is the author of The Parent Effect:How Parenting Styles Affects Adolescent Behavior and Personality Development (2011, NASW Press). Joanne is also the founder of the Southwest Adolescent Treatment Alliance (SWATA) and was involved in the development of the 2013 and 2014 Adolescent Conferences. The 2015 Conference is scheduled for March 6th and 7th. More information on the conference can be found at 2015 Conference. For more information on her book or to purchase a copy please visit her website.

Joanne Carlson recently visited the KnILE Center for a Parenting Styles Workshop. She went over the highs and lows of each style and possible outcomes with your teens as they are parented. The information was well presented, informative and insightful. The parents present were engaged, captivated and left wanting more.

The five parenting styles that Joanne spoke of were:

My House My Rules Parent – very controlling

The Cool Parent – too relaxed and/or loose

The Not Now, I’s Busy Parent – very distant and not available

The Easy Going Parent – the happy parent and teen

Joanne stresses that parenting is not just limited to one particular style. Often times, parents and/or caregivers are a combination of styles and teens have a varied reaction to those styles. While no one is perfect, parent or teen, that is not the point. The overall theme that Joanne wanted each parent to see was that the goal is a happy, healthy, well adjusted teen in the home. If you see issues in your home, feel there is a problem, or simply do not know how to go about achieving some level of peace with your teens don’t wait around to see what will happen. Seek help! Call the KnILE Center .